5 Used Cars You Should Never Buy

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The market of used cars is booming with a lot of different options. It is easy to buy used Ford EcoSport in Bangalore today. There are a lot of resources that can tell you how to ensure that you are buying the right kind of second hand car. But there are some type of cars that you should stay away from even if they are available at a very cheap rate.

Here is what you should not buy as a used car.

Non-Certified Car: A car that is not certified carries a lot more risk since there is no assurance that it is trouble-free. The chances of being stranded with a bad car are very high in such cases.

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Damaged Car: If the car has been damaged very badly, then you should stay away from it. In such cases it can be very tough to estimate the extent of damage caused and how long the body of the car can stay in good condition.

Modified Car: There are a lot of enthusiastic car owners who modify their car’s look and feel. You should not buy such cars because you don’t know the extent of modification that has been done on a car.

Cars with Modified Engine: There are a lot of car owners who modify the engines of their cars to boost its performance. However, in such cases the manufacturer’s warranty on the car becomes void. So even if the condition of the car is good the engine of the car has been toyed around with and even the manufacturer would not take responsibility for it.

Car with Old Manufacturing Date: When the car gets old, the maintenance costs increase. Even car dealers don’t certify cars that are more than 5 years old in the market.


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