A complete short book on types of dedicated servers

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Nowadays, people are using dedicated servers as it gives more storage space with high speed at affordable price. There are other types in web hosting besides dedicated servers like shared hosting server, VPS (virtual private server) and cloud servers. They all are designed for specific reasons and for specific use. Well, most of the users prefer to use dedicated host services as it can be mold according to your situation or your need and want. There are various advantages that you should consider at the time of choosing this server. However, there are some types that you will find when you start using dedicated servers.


Types in dedicated servers that you should know

Well, there are two types in dedicated servers that you should know and for that you can consider these points that are given below.

Managed dedicated servers: – no matters you are an owner of small scale company or an MNC, this servers are good for everyone. One of the best thing about the managed servers that you don’t have to worry about the updates and backups related work. ISP (Internet service provider) will take care of each and every account. Managed servers allows you to work free and do whatever you want to do, they will keep your servers managed on your behalf. Not only that, your clients can get boosting features whenever they want, it is easy, fast and beneficial for any company who wants to enhance there working performance.

Unmanaged dedicated servers:  unlike managed servers, these servers that are designed only for small businessman. As name suggest, unmanaged servers are not managed or in simple word, you have full command on the activities of our server including backup and updates. If money is your concern then you should definitely considered unmanaged servers. You are the boss of every action. However, its great but there are some disadvantages too.

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