Airplay videos and audios are the new way of streaming them on big screen

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Watching videos or movies on the smartphone may be interesting but it cannot be more fantasizing than watching it on the big screen like Television or your computer screen. With the use of Airplay technology, that enables the iOS users to send the videos and audios to the other iOS devices, Mac book or Apple TV. This technology is even capable of sending the YouTube videos on the big screens with much ease so that you can enjoy watching your favorite video or movie on the TV screen.


Streaming the YouTube videos

To play the Airplay videos on Mac book or on Apple TV, there are lots of ways. You can opt any of the methods for streaming the videos or audios include streaming process through iTune, iPhone , iPad, iPod or YouTube.  In order to Airplay YouTube from the Mac to Apple TV, you need to connect Mac with the Apple TV on the same Wi-Fi platform. Select the YouTube video that you want to streamline and then click on the Airplay button. YouTube Video will start playing on the apple TV screen. Icon of the YouTube video on your Mac will turn gray with message “This video is playing on the (name of the TV)” hence the user will be able to know which video is being played and where.

Send the unsupported format files also

Users may have trouble as they will find it difficult to send the unsupported files to the other devices so they need to Airplay the video content with the iTune so that they are able to easily change the file format into the desired one. With the help of iTune, they will be able to change the file format. Generally, Airplay supports MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV and few more video formats.

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