An Introduction to RC Autos and RC Drones, Aircrafts and Helicrafts

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You may have an interest to start a hobby or heard about RC short course races and RC flying machines where the classification may confuse you. There are various enthusiasts who enjoy the short course racing and racing with drones, air and heli crafts. You can understand your particular interest once you come across these types.

RC Autos

Radio or remote Control Autos is referred as RC Autos where they are for Short course racing for racing enthusiasts. You can opt from number of various types of RC vehicles according to the track, race or need. RC Auto’s various types are like Electric car, monster car, Electric Stadium Truck, Electric Short course Truck, 2WD AND 3WD Buggy, Rock crawler, Truggy, Nitro short course, Formula 1 and others to chose from.


RC Drones

RC Drones in short course racing is only one use from those numbers of varied uses that people work on in different industries with different levels. These drones are now heavenly made by big brands like Futaba with their wide range of drones, its parts and accessories. RC drones are available in various types and other classifications including by its range, structure and use. According to range categorization, there is small range, mid range, high range drones or by types there is micro, Nano. Small and large drones. They often categorized by their use like surveillance drones, camera drones, and carrier drones, racing drones. The market is occupied with range of low price to high price drones with different specification, quality material and features.

RC Aircrafts and Helicrafts

Radio control aircrafts and helicopters is turned into family of drones somewhat but still have their different recognition as it also includes others various kind of flying crafts like multicopter. They have their own specification and terminology of quality and working. There are number of online stores from where you can opt your interested  land base or air base RC vehicle.

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