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Content mart is a platform that allows client for buying consistent high quality content as per the requirements.There may be content writers in India and also content writers in abroad bidding on the content writing jobs posted by the client looking for quality content at affordable prices. There are many experienced freelancer writers in India who are registered on this platform and have successfully completed many orders to let client hire them for quality content at affordable prices.

The freelancer writers in India enrolled on Content mart are qualified by a test during the registration process and hence most clients need not to face any compromise with the quality of articles delivered by them.  You may have to pay higher price for an experienced web content copywriter or freelance writers on Content mart but you can get your content writing jobs done at affordable prices from a new writer who is equally talented and knowledgeable.

The site only charges the client after he is completely satisfied with the content quality from content writers in Indiaas per requirements. The client has privilege to cancel his order if his terms and requirements are not met.

There is certain minimum price level set by management of Contentmart based on word count which signifies as a standard that guarantees quality content at those affordable prices.

In order to ensure that the quality of articles, web contents, blog posts, etc. submitted by freelancer writers and web content copywriters are maintained, Contentmart makes sure that thesecontent writers in Indiaprovideuseful information to build a personal profile and pass through series of tests that verify their level of capability in English language and also available for different languages.


To verify the content quality and the works of freelancer writers by client is easy as they can initiate chat with the writers and web content copywritersto discuss regarding the order, the pricing and the deadline to be met. Hence, getting quality content at affordable price agreed upon becomes confirmed. Clients can get freelancer writers and web content copywriters to write web contents on different subjects of creative writing fields like copywriting, creative writings, stories, product description, article writing, PR articles etc. at affordable price. The finest part is that a client could communicate personally with any of the freelancer writers who have submitted their bids thereby having the right of receiving quality information before selecting who works for him.

When the freelancer writers are confirmed by a client that chooses his price rather than being informed how much to pay, client can get assurance regarding quality contents at affordable prices. There are no organizational charges for content purchased on Content mart submitted by writers in India. So, a client can be guaranteed that there is no about extra charges beyond what is agreed with the writer chosen for particular content writing jobs.

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