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In Singapore, people like to spend their holidays with their families and friends and one of the most entertaining ways to spend their weekend is watching movies. It is the best way by which you can have the best time far from your heavy work schedules. Earlier, it was really not so easy to watch movies, you have to spend long hours standing in the queue to buy the tickets and  also it was not possible to know  about the movie hence many times, people think it was the waste of their money  as they chose the wrong movie to watch.


Thankfully, these days’ people are wiser and they prefer watching only those movies that have got good reviews and ratings. For this, various movie apps are available that help the movie lovers to check out the reviews of all the movies released and the upcoming movies.

Book your movie ticket

Several movie apps are there that enable you to book your movie tickets online. You can check out the latest movie shows in different multiplexes in Singapore, pick the date on which you want to book a show and select movie showtimes. You can even select your seat in the theatre to watch the movie. Many apps show trailer of the movies so that it becomes easy to select the best movie of that time.

These days’ people prefer to book their tickets from movie apps because attractive discounts and offers are given on every booking of the ticket. Also, people do not have to wait for long hours in the queue to buy the movie tickets.

Check out the reviews

Not every movie is entertaining so many times you may feel that it is waste of money to watch such movies. Hence, it is better to get the reviews of the now showing movies before booking the ticket.  It will help you know whether the movie is of your interest or not.

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