Fridge Rental – Problem Solved.

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Companies across the south of England like Ice Cool Trailers are ready to supply you with your late summer and early autumn fridge trailer hire. As the time for outdoor gatherings comes to a close please ensure that you have adequate refrigeration facilities at your function or gathering because there’s still time for a late season heat wave.

Can you really afford to risk your food and drinks spoiling in the last glow of the summer sun?


Fridge rental firms provide fridge hire for any occasion, including:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Exhibitions
  • Festivals
  • Country shows
  • Outdoor theatre
  • Fairgrounds
  • Fetes

This is not just a service for commercial clients like hotels and restaurants, although the demand from these areas is very strong, but if you’re hosting a domestic event short-term fridge hire could make a huge difference to your catering capabilities.


Imagine trying to fit the catering for a birthday or anniversary party in to a normal sized fridge. You can’t, or if you can then you’ve presumably made the choice to leave the nibbles at room temperature, risky in warm weather, or perhaps your lack of facilities has led you to restrict your food options to dried goods with only a few sandwich or canapé choices.

While it’s the thought that counts according to the saying, by catering with less panache you could easily be compromising the overall appeal and impact of an event.

Even if guests have been invited to an exhibition to view artwork or photography then they’ll still expect chilled drinks and edible food that hasn’t curled at the corners. If you’re trying to win investors for a project, then the impression of how you operate has to be at an optimum level. Although fridge rental may be at the foot of a to-do list it is vital so don’t neglect this area of entertaining and hosting.

Arranging fridge hire is simple. Several firms provide customised quotes based on the distance they need to travel for pick up and drop off of the fridge rental unit and obviously duration has an impact on the expenditure but not in a prohibitive way. The pricing is keenly competitive.


Just a reminder, if you are catering at an outdoor event, whether it’s for twenty or two hundred you’ll need to arrange fridge trailer hire that covers the preparation time not just the day of the event to maximise the freshness of goods eaten by the guests.

A reputable fridge rental company will deliver your fridge trailer with no hassle and no delays. Your fridge trailer is conveniently positioned where you need it to be, set up and is ready for use very quickly. They can, if you completely forget about fridge hire until the day of an event, provide an emergency fridge trailer hire service.

Within hours, they’ll ensure that your refrigeration solution is working hard for you.

Are you warming to the idea of fridge trailer hire for your function? If so, just give the mobile fridge experts a call on 01635 250 950: they serve the whole of southern England and South Wales too.

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