Getting playlist for top party songs:  why EDM is so popular for parties

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The party songs are love of the parties, no celebrations or parties can be planned or enjoyed without the shoulder popping dance songs which make everyone come on floor. That’s why people party to celebrate, to enjoy, to connect and make things memorable for everyone. While planning for party, you should include the best of best songs to make everyone groove on the floor, getting those popular or new party songs which prove to be more responsive by people are best selection tips or recommendations.


Top party songs which you should make into you playlist

Planning a party for your friends or any kind of celebration may starts with tasty food but always end with lovely music collection. Parties are of no use if you unable to move persons to the dancing floor, so there are songs -popular ones or latest collections as of latest party songs 2017 etc.

  1. Rock with You: you certainly cannot ignore Michael Jackson songs in your list as this one of his classy and best songs ever to make your dance floor MJ-class them.
  2. Good times: Chic‘s Good times sung by Nile Rodgers goes popular among the parties and celebration with this awesome song.
  3. I feel love: Shake your body on the classical peppy number sung by Donna summer, a timeless and beautiful party music piece.
  4. Animals: Martin Garrix‘s most successful and over played songs in parties and celeberations.
  5. Shake it off: The dancing number hit songs sung by Taylor swift, one of most popular singer is released in 1989 and again in 2004.

Why EDM so popular

The Electronic Dance music is in so demand that it never neglected in any of club, discos, and pubs earning a lot of money from its lover. Young generation want something which matching with their kind of energy. The flow changes with time, new time is of young generation’s fast adrenaline and pumping blood where Electronic music proves to be more authentic to them and so the more popular among them.

Most popular songs of EDM: The most popular songs of all the time you should not miss if you love to thrill your veins by the electronic rough music like Levels by avicii , One more time by Draft punk, I remember by Deadmau5 , Faded by  Allen Walker, Animals by Martin Garrix, Strobe by Deadmau5, Adagio for strings by Skrillex and other numerous tracks.

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