How to Decide What Touch Typing Course to Take

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The computer and the internet is the perfect place to learn touch typing because your keyboard is already attached especially when using a laptop.

Assortment of courses

There is an assortment of touch typing courses that will help you learn touch typing. Some cost money to take the lessons and others don’t.

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Look for

 The touch typing course should offer several advantages. When looking for a class to take look for:

  • Online or a software package
  • Offers videos for lessons
  • Offers a certification when you finish
  • How many lessons
  • Self-paced or on a schedule
  • What does it cost
  • Do they have former student reviews?

Computer vs. typewriter

Most typing these days is on a computer keyboard. So the point of taking a class for touch typing is to learn the keyboard and to build up your speed. There are few if any offices that have a typewriter these days.

Important skill

Touch typing is a skill that you will use no matter how old you are, or what profession you are in. If you are in school; whether high school or college, you will use it. It will serve you for a lifetime and once you learn it, the only thing that you will need to renew at times is how fast you type. Once you develop skills on a keyboard you will never lose them.


If all other skills are equal between you and other job candidates, the one who has the fastest typing speed will usually get the position. If you are the owner of your own business it will save you time and time in most careers means money.

Slow typist

If you are a slow typist:

  • You can get rejected for many jobs;
  • You will be less efficient at work;
  • Social media will not be that much fun;
  • Often develop RSI which is painful condition from spending too much time typing;

Pros and cons

So, you know the pros and cons – do a Google search and you will get a list of typing programs to make your decision on.

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