How to never miss your belonging ever – Ultimate solution for your usual problem

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Lost your keys again? The very common and usual problem with nearly everyone including you is losing , misplacing or missing of your keys, phone or something manage to be precious enough and small enough at the same time. It may become often for you that losing your wallet in bus, or lost your keys or phone in market and most of the time you don’t even know where to look for or which to find your phone. So what’s the solution except the usual lectures of being more attentive or ‘take care of your things’ stuff. You will love to know about this app which resolves all your worries


The Ultimate solution – Tracking your valuables by your phone

You will feel amazing when know about the app called Chipolo where it is said to be evolution of finding things as you can have those coin-size chips which you are suppose to attach with you belonging for making it traceable by your phone with their mobile app. It is said to be key finder or phonefinder.  The technology is Bluetooth oriented where your phone device can trace your belongings according to the chip places with it. You can view the current location of your keys, phone, bag, wallet or purse, bike or anything where you stick it.


  1. Products: Difference in their feature and package quantity, the Chipolo offers different set of products for you, where you can buy according to your need. The classic product has more Chipolo has replaceable battery unlike the Chipolo plus.
  2. Attach to anything to make it traceable: You can stick, place or attach the traceable Chipolo to anything like your wallet, keys, cell phone, bags, vehicle etc.This Chipolo chips also make sounds by which you can reach it.
  3. Find your cell phone: Double tapping on Chipolo make your phone to ring less than 200 foot Bluetooth range even in silent mode. If it far, then with the help of web app ,you can trace the exact location.

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