How To Restart A VPS Service Using The Command Line/Control Panel Using Simple And Quick Steps

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Sometimes, you are not quite ready for a dedicated server. During such instances, you can try working with the best VPS to enjoy power and freedom of dedicated server. It comes handy with a low-cost solution. Moreover, you have the right to choose control panel for ensuring best performance. Do you have any question in mind like How to restart a VPS service using the command line/Control Panel? If so, then you have come just to the right place.

Basic points to work on:

There are practically two ways to restart VPS. The first one comes with managing control panel tool for VPS. Another way is by using some shell commands while you are logged into the server through SSH and root password. If you are using cPanel control, then restart procedure can turn out to be an easy one. You just have to log in WHM with root password for procuring full access. Once you are inside WHM, you can go for the restart services in the option menu.


For the next steps:

After you have entered this menu, you will get the option to restart service on the server by clicking on the icon. This will kick start your procedure. Now, you just have to wait for the page to reload completely and message of successful restart will appear on your screen. This is the simple way to restart DNS or mail server, SSH server, SQL or even IMAP server.

For the command line:

You can even perform the restart service using the command line in two ways. For that, you have top logged in with roots as usual users don’t have the privilege to perform these commands. For these changes, it is mandatory to get VPS hosting. It costs low together with the possibility to manage the server. That helps in providing quality services for clients.

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