How to Use Facebook For Mobile App Promotion

Most of app developers think that their app will promote itself when it gets into stores but it is impossible to rank well without app promotion in current conditions of the app markets that there are over 4 million apps competing right know. So, app developers need to promote their apps through various channels like social media that provide vast amounts of opportunities to reach large mass of potential users of an app. Facebook has the largest population with almost 2 billion monthly active users among other social media platforms. Here are 5 useful ways to get the best out of Facebook for mobile app promotion.


Create Short Trailers or Screenshots

After you build your app’s Facebook page, you need to deliver a good content to attract users. Preparing a quality content like short trailers or screenshots of your app is must have thing to convert your potential audience into your app users.

Post Regularly

At the first post you share, you may not get engagement rates that you expected. You need to build your audience slowly with daily regular posts about your mobile app. After a week, define your sweet share times with analyzing in which time periods you are getting high engagement rates. After you optimize your posts according to right times, you will see the engagement rates and visibility of your page increase day by day.


Engage inTarget Groups

There are millions of public discussion groups on Facebook which has thousands of followers. Find suitable groups related to mobile app promotion which your target audience following and begin to share your content about your app to draw attention. Encourage group members to comment by asking relevant questions, this will increase your post’s visibility on Facebook search.You can also invite group members to beta test of your app for free if you are not launch it yet.

App Install Ads

If you’ve small budget for advertising your mobile app, Facebook’s mobile app install ads are great option to reach large masses. However, it is important to optimize your Facebook ads with perfect audience segmentation, clear call to action phrases and attractive visuals to reach highest conversion rate. If you’ve enough budget, test your ad with different versions to get the best out of Facebook audience.

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