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Imail is the new kind of innovative e-mail app that looks interactive and more beneficial than a normal e-mail. E-mail sites are used to send the e-mails and receive it at the same time. But the whole sending and receiving of the e-mail looks boring and quite unattractive. But the programmers have decided to transform the way to sending and receiving the e-mails and at last they have managed to introduce the world with the Imail app. Imail app is the best e-mail organizer that the people can think of. Imail works as a one stop destination for all the fun and activities to do. Many people would love to work on this app which offers collection of receipts, newsletter, tickets and many other fun things to do.

Using a traditional email app will not provide you with such facilities that Imail do provide. People waste a lot of time in searching their mails which are old. If you happen to have thousands of mail in your e-mail id and want to find some specific e-mails, then it will take a long time in searching and there are many chances that you will fail at finding the desired mail from your e-mail account. Imail offers automatic feature which search through your mails and provides you with the desired mail in very less time making your work fast and effectively. Imail also supports outlook Mac file attachments which most of the email service provider doesn’t support. Imail act as a universal platform for exchanging the mails from one operating system to another.

Imail also organizes your mails very efficiently and very accurately. Because of its organizing skills, it retrieves the mails at a faster rate as compared to other e-mail service providers. It also makes your navigation easy and hassle free while working on it. Imail provides you with your e-mails in three different types of interactive views which are:

People view: People view provides you with the mails according to the person with whom you have had conversations in the past. It list your mails according to the person.

Conversation view: Conversation view is very similar to having a group chat. Imail provides you with the conversation view so that you can see the mails that are exchanged in a group of people.

Attachment view: Attachment view is responsible for searching and managing all the attachments that are coming on your inbox. It keeps them safely at a certain location and also let you know at the same time.

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