Is Your SEO Strategy Adequate?

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It’s not enough to have an SEO strategy for your business or website, it must yield results. Sometimes it can be difficult to say whether a strategy is actually adequate. Your traffic numbers may not be rapidly declining, but does that mean the current strategy is bringing in desirable numbers of potential customers? Here are some questions to ask that will indicate whether your SEO strategy is actually working:

Are the Traffic Numbers the Same for Months or Declining?

The easiest way to tell whether an existing SEO plan is working or not is to look at the traffic numbers. If the traffic numbers are dwindling in one way or another, it could indicate that the plan is failing. However, during some weeks, traffic will be low. But it should not ne steadily dwindling. Also, if the traffic numbers remain the same, that doesn’t necessarily mean your plan is working. The SEO plan should yield results relative to the money you invest. If you are upped the funds for the SEO plan, but the results you see are the same, then your plan is not working as it should. Ideally, the SEO plan should be able to gradually increase the web traffic coming to your site. If traffic declines from one channel, the plan should make up for that using another channel. If not, then you need to rethink your strategy.

Have You Ever Had a Professional Review Your SEO Strategy?

If you have not had a expert look at your SEO plan at least once, then perhaps it’s not as good as it should be. Professional oversight is necessary to fix potential issues with your SEO strategy and do a course correction if the plan is not working, as it should. Therefore, hire a local SEO expert, like digital marketing agency Dubai, to review your SEO plan. You should then implement the recommendations the experts suggest.

Do You Use Content Aggregator Sites?

If your SEO plan is limited to search engine advertising and social media engagement, you may be missing out. Your plan should be forked out well enough to attract traffic from content aggregator sites, like Reddit, as well. These sites attract huge volumes of traffic on their own, and are highly suited to generate buzz around the content you publish drive traffic to your own site.

Do You Find Yourself in Competition with a Site That Used to be Smaller Than Yours?

If your site is suddenly in competition for web traffic with a site that was once much smaller than yours, indicates a serious inadequacy with your SEO plan. It’s understandable that a competitor similar in size to your business moving ahead of yours. But if the small sites are catching up, then you need to up your game fast. Your site may be in danger of failing.

Is the Traffic Actually Converting to Customers or Subscribers?

The ultimate goal of web traffic is to convert visitors into paying customers. When you evaluate your SEO strategy, you should also consider the number of conversions. Are conversions keeping up with the incoming traffic? If not, you should rethink your entire digital marketing plan. There should not be a big difference between conversions and traffic. The conversion rate should healthily match the traffic volume.

The status of your SEO strategy will depend on the answers you provide to the above questions. If your plan is failing, it’s time to get expert help.

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