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Many of the people look for the ideas that can make their You Tube channel popular. While people should also understand that every viral channel is not of high quality so it most important that channel should be interesting and joyful. Definitely, you tube is simple and obvious way of representing videos or movies to the website visitors whether your site is informational, commercial or simply based on interest. You should also know about the Most Subscribed YouTube Channels while some of them are listed below:

  • Pew die pie

This channel has millions of subscribers while its main focus is on video game genre. The topic is mainly related to the game play based on the strategies to win the game and it also features lots of material like some can be funny or serious. This channel is more appealing to the young audience as they experience lots of laughs, screams and comedy while it is meant not to be taken in serious way.


  • HolaSoyGerman

This channel is not also so far behind pew die pie as it also has millions of subscribers. The content in this channel is all about the video log that is focused on the antics and travels of a Hispanic speaking and Los Hermanos entertainer that is like to have a gift with commentary and standup comedy. The way of presentation and style is very energetic with the continual dialogues and one would definitely wonder how he got so much energy. You should also know about one important thing that this channel is available in Spanish only.

  • You Tube spotlight

This is one of the best youtube channel and one its front page there is a video featuring javelin champion and julius yego who also claims that succeeded in sports by learning and watching by you tube videos. This channel has millions of subscribers as this channel also features better videos that would have in the post or content of the You Tube spotlight.

  • Rihanna vivo

This is an official channel of a black American artist Rihanna who is best to fame her soulful love songs with her soft relaxed voice. This channel has received millions of views and millions of subscribers that indicates that number of people viewed her videos and became subscribers. You should also watch her enthusiastic and energetic performance of the You Tube and then you can also realize about her energetic performance and a song that seems to be story of bittersweet love.

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