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Online reputation services have worked for many artists to help link build for their upcoming albums, events, tours and many other projects. Their recent client is an old American metal band known as Manowar. They have very power metal themes but their sound is purely traditional heavy metal. Manowar is planning to play a major show at monsters of rock festival this year and they need online reputation services to help create awareness about the show and news on the fact that they’re headlining at the show. They went on hiatus for eight years in order for the band members to spend time with their families. The life of an artist is not easy; they are sleeping about five to six hours a night and always performing for at least two hours a night. Those two hours are quite intense and can be quite exhausting. Also, this particular band has been doing this for over twenty years as well as writing new songs for albums in between tours. Whenever they had time to relax, they tend to fly into their studio in San Francisco to record their songs for the upcoming album. They were constantly working one point in their career, hence the reason why they took a long break to enjoy their family life for a while. At the moment, they seem not to be working on a new album but they do want to play major festivals time to time. This is the reason they need help to advertise their show because most of their fans believe they have disbanded even though no such news was ever confirmed. Eight years is a long time and they need to some how show the world they are back and their skills haven’t diminished.


ORM had quite the obstacle to overcome when it came to advertising Manowar’s latest show. They needed to research extensively on where the fans usually searched and what their search habits were. Usually for bands, it is always easy to track fans since they always listen to similar types of bands and they started to search within those confines. They were posting ads that Iron Maiden or Judas Priest fans would notice, especially since those bands are still creating albums and touring non-stop. Iron Maiden came out with a documentary about them touring the world in less than two months since they build their own plane for the tour. ORM started from there and slowly but surely started to notice the Manowar fans come out of the woodwork. Then simply with word of mouth, the news of the bands revival concert was spreading like wildfire through many metal websites and social media pages. It specifically worked well on Facebook since sharing is literally a click away.

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