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In many cases editing photos is all about making them look sharp and clear – and correcting parts that may be blurry due to focus. However at times blurring part of an image and making it look out of focus can provide a very powerful effect.

Odds are you may have noticed that professional photographers use this effect all the time. At first it may seem difficult to pull off yourself, but with the help of Movavi Photo Focus you’ll be able to do so extremely easily and effectively.

Movavi Photo Focus for Win

Essentially Movavi Photo Focus is a dedicated and specialized software that focuses on using photo blur in creative ways. It can be used to blur out the background of your photos while leaving the core elements in focus in order to make them stand out any more. It can also be used to blur the edges of panoramic shots to create a tilt-shift effect that will add depth and convey a sense of distance.

Because Movavi Photo Focus is created solely to create photo blurred images, it is able to do so extremely effectively and make it seem easy in the process. All you need to do is specify the areas that you want to be in-focus and out-of-focus and then use the software to blur image in various different ways.

To improve your photos further, you can even tweak them in some very specific ways using Movavi Photo Focus. In particular it will let you edit the brightness, contrast and other color settings individually for the in-focus and out-of-focus parts to create a unique look for your photos. If you want you could also transform the frame and orientation of your photos too, to make sure they look just right.

Suffice to say if you’re interested in creating photos that have a stunning artistic photo focus effect then Movavi Photo Focus is your ticket to do just that. With it you won’t need any prior experience or special skills, and can get started immediately and apply its features to produce some truly unique effects in your photos.

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