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With its popularity, reach, power, and staggering number of active users, it’s no surprise Facebook is currently the social media platform utilized by most businesses.

Nowadays, a whopping 41 percent of small businesses in the United States consider Facebook marketing an integral part of their online marketing strategy according to eMarketer.

However, despite its unmatched popularity, many business owners end up not achieving the results they want.


In fact, a survey of 3,700 marketers conducted by Social Media Examiner indicated that only 45 percent believe their Facebook marketing efforts are working.

Understandably, the statistic highlights the need for business owners to comprehend and implement practices and strategies that can help accomplish the results they have in mind.

In order to maximize exposure, thoroughly promote your brand, and achieve favorable results, keep the following Facebook marketing tips in mind:

Pick a descriptive and notable username. The web address for your page (i.e. is your Facebook page username. It is also sometimes referred to as vanity URL. By default, you will be given a random URL for your page (comprised of numbers).

Ideally however, your username should convey your full business name or the topic of your page. This will make it effortless for your customers and the search engines to find you when they search Facebook or Google.

Make sure you have chosen the right category for your business. Setting the category incorrectly is a mistake many businesses often commit.

While this can seem pretty harmless, nothing can be farther from the truth.

While unknown to many, setting the wrong category might result to serious issues especially if you want to appear in the Facebook Graph Search.

For instance, if your business is local, it is crucial that you select it as your business type so as to allow people to “check in” at your business.

However, if you don’t normally have walk-in traffic, choosing “Companies & Organizations” would be more apt.

Encourage social sharing through Facebook plugins and buttons. To maximize results, it is crucial that your Facebook page and your website must seamlessly work together.

That means while you ensure traffic moves from your Facebook page to your blog or website, you also need to make sure there is a way for visitors to share or like your content on Facebook.

In line with this, it would be best to have a like and share button next to contents you have on your site.

You have the option to add these buttons manually or you can take advantage of third party services like WordPress plugin or Add This.

Make sure your Facebook posts are seen by your fans. The inability of fans to see all your posts can be attributed to two factors—not enough room for all the posts to appear in the newsfeeds (due to sheer volume of videos shared daily) and its failure to measure up to the relevancy algorithm Facebook has set.

The relevancy of your post is determined by (among numerous other factors) interaction of the user (comments, likes, shares), post type (video, link, image, etc.), and the page’s popularity.

To increase the chances of posts making it in your fans’ feeds, utilize the following strategies for all your organic posts:

  • Check your page Insights consistently. Your page Insights can give you valuable information you need to identify the types of content that will resonate best with your audience.

From there, you can check the post formats with the most traction (videos, links, text-only posts, and photos). You can also see there the topics your audience are most passionate about.

  • To achieve optimal reach, consider including an engaging and relevant backstory each time you post promotional content. In the latter part of 2014, Facebook announced they would be limiting the reach of content that are deemed “too promotional” or posts that push users to enter a contest or purchase their products.
  • Include the use of videos in your posting strategy. Research indicates that videos rank number one in terms of organic reach. In fact, from October 2014 to February 2015, videos earned an organic reach of 8.71 percent as opposed to text-only status which only garnered 5.77 percent.

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