Reputation Management: Invisible Headphones

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Headphones is something you can see everyone wearing it either on the bus, metro, school, work and even athletes when training and reputation management is responsible to help advertise a new type of headphones, Invisound. This company has created headphones that have the best audio technology on the market which maximizes its performance for any type of genre of music or any type of movie whether is a musical or action oriented film. The issue is that an unknown company who was invested by an individual from Wall Street makes it. These headphones are made from condensed carbon, which makes it virtually indestructible and light. The audio cable is a little bit thicker than a strand of hair but stronger than steel; however, if your paranoid about ripping the cable, you can always unplug it and connect it via Bluetooth. It’s a wireless headphone with over thirty hours of constant playtime on the highest volume. You can charge it about every second or third night if your a major music buff or charge it once of week depending on each persons usage. Reputation management had a hard time trying to figure out which angle to market the product since the CEO didn’t want them to divulge too much information about the product this early in the marketing strategy. The truly amazing feature about this headphone is the profile it has when it’s on someone’s head. It gives no added bulk and the ear cushions are not your average ear cushions. They call it molded ear cups and how it works is that when placed on your ears, it starts to form around your ears to fit snuggly around your ear. It’s also very light and thin material where most people would assume it’s not strong enough to avoid sound leakage but it’s guaranteed there is zero sound leakage on any level of volume.


The issue that is faced by reputation management is that ability to advertise a very futuristic product that seems like a joke. If they made a video and posted it on social media, they are sure people wouldn’t believe this product exists. They decided to get a few musicians to help advertise but these known musicians are only famous within a small circle. They want to start in a small market and slowly expand to the music industry. Reputation management was actually quite surprised how well their marketing tactic worked. They started advertising by simply asking certain progressive metal bands to use and talk about the product. They all compared it to Beats and that’s what gave it’s momentum. With a comparison to a very popular headphone, it will definitely pick up traction within the headphone industry.

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