Role of advertising in modern era

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First of all we need to know the meaning of advertising. Advertising is the action of calling people attention, especially by paid announcement. It is the key weapon of any company. It is most common and effective tool to promote any type of products and services. It may be positive or negative. Positive here means promotion of particular product by showing the right information without making any type false promises. On other hand negative means showing wrong information and making false promises. One can see the negative advertising during election. A good advertising is always positive. Many company paid to celebrity to promote their product.

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People buy more products which are promoted by the celebrity. Advertising is not limited to printed media, television, and internet. You can use Orangelabel Advertising for effective advertising. Many business-specific definition of advertising add that advertising is non-personal. Their main motive too increases the sale. Sales mainly linked with promotional activity. More advertising result into more sale. Most popular media are television, radio, internet and print such as newspaper, magazine. Television is the most common popularly used for its global reach. We can see the particular advertising thundered of time. Print and radio advertising can be considerably cheaper because of reached to fewer people.

 Printed advertizing sometimes gets damage. But television is much safer and reliable. Internet is becoming most popular medium of advertising, just because of its easy reach. Various sites are created to promote many company and organization. Search engine like Google and social networking like facebook are trending and attractive way to popularize the advertising. It is easy to create our own site and its affordable. The greatest product and services in the world won’t make money unless consumer knows it exists. This is importance of advertising. Company cannot run without advertising.

Advantage of advertising

  • Particular product and service become popular
  • Increase in sale
  • Global reach depend on the medium
  • Long term benefit
  • It informs the consumer about the price and quality of product.
  • It helps in improvement of goods
  • Helps to raise the standard of living
  • As the price already mention consumer cannot be overcharged
  • Come to know about new product
  • It help to save time without going to the market

Advertising play most important role in promoting and increasing the sales .Oranglabel Advertising is the leading company in the market.

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