Synchronize your entire phone’s data on your Mac in just a click

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Are you tired of synchronizing data on your iphone 7 and on your Mac? Do not worry this problem of yours will be solved by downloading this application named SyncMate. This lets you to sync all the data between your iphone 7 and Mac.

Various options

This application provides you with a number of options like – iPhone 7 sync Mac. In this your personal data, calendars, reminders, contacts, etc gets sync with Mac and this reduces the possibility of losing data even if you lose your phone. It often happen, the problem of sync all the data whenever you purchase a new phone you have to sync all your contacts on your Google account then sending them to cloud etc and if you want that you do entries only on one device and it gets updated on the other device itself then SyncMate is for you and the best part all the services are for free and you do not have to pay for it.


You can also use your iPhone 7 as a Mac disk in your Mac by just simply mounting it into your Mac and allows you full and proper access to the media/user folder. Through this you can easily access the folder on your Mac and sync your files and folders by just dragging and dropping it.

Everyone backs up their phone’s data on may be memory card or on your computer but now you do not have to do all this you can back up you phone’s data on Mac by this option iPhone 7 synchronize Mac. You can even see all your call history, logs, texts messages, etc of your phone on your Mac.

Do you want your favorite playlist from your phone to your Mac? This can easily be done through this application. You can sync all your photos, videos, music, etc on your Mac.

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