Unconventional Methods to Drive Site Traffic

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Driving traffic to websites is a major priority of many marketing campaigns and advertisers. The most popular and so far the best way to immediately increase site traffic is paid advertising on search engines like Google. However, this is not the only method you should try. Companies are also increasingly investing in social media paid advertising. This method can be problematic as it leads to something called “banner blindness” among customers. Customers are used to seeing lots and lots on paid ads on the web. So much so, they might even try to ignore it.

Marketing consultants like Primal advertise clients to try unconventional methods to drive traffic. While paid advertising can be useful, combining it with an unconventional method would yield better results. You may even be able to attract users who rely on ad blockers. With that in mind, here are several atypical ways to drive traffic to your website:

Try Using StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a social media site, but it’s less popular than giants like Facebook. This site requires signup, and is actually one of the foremost traffic drivers on the internet. StumbleUpon pairs users with interested content that connect customers with websites. The site doesn’t show ads; just content that can result in a lead. It’s a far more effective platform to connect with potential customers than Facebook or Twitter. On these two sites, companies advertise hoping a customer might click. On StumbleUpon, customers get recommendations based on their preferences. This method is always better for driving traffic.

Advertise on Voice Search Software

Brands like Google offer voice search software that is becoming increasingly more popular among both old and young customers. It’s much easier to say “cat pics” into a search engine than actually type it. Nearly half of adults and teens now use voice search such as the program offered by Google. People are also relying on voice-activated personal assistants like Siri and Amazon Echo to conduct online searches. So, to drive traffic, it’s becoming more relevant to push ads and content to these voice search programs as well.

Target with Re-marketing

Remarketing refers to trying to attract social media users who may have visited your website once. If a user has visited the website and left without doing nothing, that still indicates interest. Companies can download a social media pixel onto the site to target these users and then market exclusively to them. Keep in mind that remarketing campaigns ignore users who visit the site and engage, such as by subscribing to emails. Do not target these groups with remarketing as it can result in overwhelming is potential customer with ads.

Use Micro Influencers

Micro influencers are regular social media users, as opposed to megastar macro influencers, who have considerable followings to plug in and recommend products. These small scale influencers are far more affordable than typical influencers, and yet do generate considerable results. For companies strapped for cash in need of high volumes of traffic, social media micro influencers would be a great addition to a campaign.

Hold a Contest

To temporarily drivetraffic to your site, hold a contest and promote in on social media. These generally attract interested users who could end up being paying customers. However, your site will have to be optimized for conversions by the time the content is held.

Use one or two of the above mentioned methods to attract customers to your website.

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