What Features to Look for when Hiring a Photo Booth

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It is evident that the big thing in events, especially in Melbourne, is having a photo booth. Not only is it so much fun for your guests, but it also captures the moments perfectly. The events industry has seen a surge in demand for photo booths and it is necessary for any event, be it a wedding to an ordinary house party. However, with so many offerings in the photo booth industry, what are some of the features you ought to look out for before you hire a photo booth?


The reputation of the company is crucial. There are obviously certain Photo Booth Photo Booth, rental businesses that are out to swindle people. Ensure you get a recommendation from friends and families or look up the kind of reviews it has on the internet. This will ensure that you get a reputable company when you hire a Photo Booth in Melbourne.



The booth size greatly matters. You do not want to hire a booth that will be insufficient for your guests, either it is too small or too big. Consider a number of people you expect at your event and plan accordingly. An open-style booth is a safe bet since it can accommodate a different number of individuals per session. If the party or event is an intimate one, the traditional closed-styled booth will suffice.

Type of Camera in the Booth

When it comes to events photos, quality matters and it is highly prudent to solicit the information before making a decision to hire. Some booths will use a DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex) while the others use a point and shoot camera. For a rental Photo BoothPhoto Booth, a DSLR camera produces better quality, even in a low light condition like that in the Photo Booth.

Print Quality

The type of printer the Photo Booth uses should be of great concern to you before you sign the rental papers. Some booth rental companies use the standard ink jet printer while others in Melbourne will use dye-sublimation printer. The dye-sublimation printer uses a special UV coating, which delays the fading of the photograph by the sun, the pictures are water as well as fingerprint resistant, and it prints faster than the inkjet printers do. This is the type of printer used in photography production stores.

Given the above features, you will be equipped to hire a quality Photo Booth for your event. Ensure to get the standard tariffs for the rental service of the photo booth.

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