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Have you suffered a cracked screen, water spillage or any other accident on your smartphone? Luckily there are few things we can recommend you doing.
List of options you have when your mobile phone breaks:

– Attempt a DIY repair
– Send it off for warranty repair
– Send it off for insurance company repair
– Use third party mobile phone repair company

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If your mobile phone isn’t that old and still is within manufacturers warranty, best option is to get it repaired under warranty. Manufacturers warranty generally doesn’t cover your device for any repair.  If you have cracked a screen on your phone, this won’t be covered by warranty, as it would be classed as physical damage or misuse. Same with water damage if your smartphone isn’t water proof and you spilled water on it, it will be seen in warranty repair centre and that would void your warranty.

Another option is having your smartphone insured for accidental damages. Phone insurance companies would charge a small monthly fee to cover your device when unexpected situation happens. So when you drop your iPhone in water or crack a screen – your covered with insurance and will get a new device or old device repaired for free.
Repairing your phone yourself might be another option. Look up Ebay or Amazon for replacement parts and get going with a repair by watching a Youtube tutorial. When ordering parts online make sure to get all necessary repair tools as well. Most phone repair parts suppliers include free tools with your order. For some people DIY repair option might seem like a easy task, for others (not so technically minded) it will be a nightmare. With DIY repair it’s a risk you take for yourself, it could be fine or could go completely wrong and permanently damage you beloved smartphone.

Sometimes ( especially when your mobile phone is out of warranty) it is a good idea to use a local mobile “phone repairs Norwich” –  shop. Repair shops like that would normally get your phone repaired while you wait and there will not be any hassle of sending your phone off and waiting days for it to be repaired.

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